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The GodParent

When my best friend of 10 years (at the time) asked me to be her newborn son’s godmother, I jumped at the chance to finally be able to say, “That is my Godchild”. Fast forward to about 10 years later and I was then asked to also be his big sister’s godmother. I was honored!!! I mean wow!! She is smart, funny, adorable, smug, arrogant, and a bit clumsy…just like me!!! What were the odds?!?! And my godson, he loves me with a level of fierce protectiveness only matched by my own children. I love those two like they’re my own. I cry with them and for them, I hurt when they hurt, smile when they smile. You name it, I’ve done it.

I myself did not get a God-Mother until I was baptized at the age of 16, and she does not take her duties lightly. She has supported me when I needed it, chastised me when I get out-of-pocket and most importantly, released me when she felt there were some things I needed to learn on my own. So I had some great guidance when I got my own. What I was not prepared for was my Godson’s dad, completely and passionately hating that I was chosen for this challenging task. He felt that I could not carry out the task because I at the time I did not have a job. What?! I was confused as I don’t ever recall that being important to me as far as my own godmother was concerned. The original reason for Godparents was two people chosen to help ensure a child continues on their religious path should anything happen to their parents.  Well, somewhere along the way, this definition has been altered to suit the needs of the parents.  I thought I was there to love, support and nurture him, a part of a village of people that wanted nothing but the best for him. I was hurt and offended but I still took on the task. I follow someone on Twitter (I will not mention their name out of respect for their privacy), that has just taken on the enormous task of gaining custody of their Godchild.  This person went from single with no kids to having to register a child for school, creating space in their home, and working their schedule around the new addition in the houseshold all in the space of a week.  WOW!!! My hats off to them because they truly took the meaning and purpose of a Godparent to a whole new level.  I felt so overwhelmed with emotion at what they did, I provided them with my private number so the I could provide ANY help they needed.  I know people that feel the person they appointed as a Godparent is solely there for the purpose of providing a new pair of Jordans when they come out (I can’t make this stuff up, and trust me, some of you reading know such a person, or people).  

But is there such a thing as going too far, overstepping the boundaries of godparenting? How did my godmother know when to fall back? How did she know when I needed to learn something on my own? How did she do all the things she did without offending my mom or stepping on her toes? I decided to ask her.  Her answer: Prayer.  Sounds simple, right?  She states that sometimes when we think that we are helping, we are actually hurting.  And sometimes what God needs her to do, is not always what she wants to do.  But she says that after several incidents of dealing with us “her” way instead of according to God’s will, she decided that if the spirit did not lead her or God did not tell her to move, she wasn’t moving.  She has 5 of us, so I would imagine it got to be a bit much for her, but we are all still here and she has always been there for us at the right place and time.  I want to let this person know that.  Let them know that sometimes, it takes a higher power to handle certain situations.  This would be one of them.  My godmother is right, because I think of times when I didn’t know what to do with my godkids and just saying “Lord please tell me what to do” while trying not to blackout and tell their mom “I QUIT!!”.  There had to be a higher power at work because I look back and I don’t regret it at all.  Including them, I have a total of 7 kids.  Yeah, I think a higher power would be in perfect order.


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